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About Emerald Jane Organics

About the owner?

Lindsay Culala

I am local to Amarillo. Born and Raised in the wonderful Panhandle of Texas. My experiences working with foster children, geriatrics and students at a Title One school have taught me many life skills that have lead me down the path of health and wellness. My family comes first and keeping them healthy is my top priority. We have three children and keeping daycare and school germs away is a full time job. I constantly look for a holistic approach when it comes to the health of my husband and children. This only grew when I saw how many people benefit from CBD and lead a healthier lifestyle. CBD is my passion and I have done countless hours of research to learn about the benefits of CBD and its properties. Message me for any questions you may have and attend my educational seminars to learn more.

How Lindsay Culala and Emerald Jane Organics came together? 

Pediatrician Suggested

EJO was inspired by the owners child that had severe anxiety that manifested as ADHD. A pediatrician suggested that CBD be tried instead of prescription medications. Her child suffered from insomnia, anxious feelings, tearful and severe separation anxiety. CBD oil was started during the summer months and attitude and sleep improved within the first 48 hours. Once school started and it was realized how much the CBD oils helped with anxiety and conduct, we decided to create our own line of CBD so that our whole family could use it. Our family now uses is for insomnia, eczema, anxiety, ADHD and inflammation.

How Emerald Jane Organics got started?

Emerald Jane Organics has been in business since March of 2019. 

Emerald Jane Organics is local to Amarillo. Our farms are in Kentucky and we have our oil extracted in a small manufacturing company in Florida. We have a third party lab company test each batch of oils for purity, ingredients and THC levels. We make sure our oil is in compliance and safe first.

EJO got started because there was a need for CBD in Texas, Amarillo specifically. Many of the oils sold in Amarillo are not pure and use many different oils to dilute their product. We wanted to provide the community with a product that is not only pure, but uses a carrier oil that comes from the hemp plant itself.  

About Emerald Jane Organics CBD products?

Emerald Jane Organics 

New Emerald provides pure and organic CBD products. New Emerald is committed to the purest oils on the market by only using Hempseed Oil and Cannabis. We use Co2 extraction method for the safest oils around. New Emerald also offers many other organic products to help the mind and body and introduce your system to this delightful herb called hemp, its molecular features are called CBD, and you will enjoy a wellness minded lifestyle-naturalistic people are benefiting from daily.  

About Emerald Jane Organics | Lidsay Culala | CBD Amarillo

Owner Lindsay Culala

I am Mommy first! I have two beautiful tidbits that I adopted in 2015. Harper and Hadley make my world turn and I cannot imagine life without them.
I am married to a man that puts all the crazy kiddos and life events first. I think he likes me!
I am currently working on my PhD in Public Service Leadership. So, that makes me a PhDiva
I love humans! I see all colors!

If you have questions or if you want to just leave me a message please feel free to contact me.