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CBD Hair Growth Conditioner 
Emerald Jane Organics CBD Hair Conditioning product is a great way for your hair not only grow but to obtain the daily moisturizer needed for cold and windy environments. The weather is very hard on the scalp and hair and this daily moisturizer will help prevent breakage and damage to the scalp.

Some of the key benefits to using Emerald Jane Organics CBD Hair moisturizing conditioner is that its conditions hair, prolongs color, has ultra-hydrating which locks in moisture, adds shine and smoothness, strengthens and reduces breakage and protects from environmental stressors that cause damage.

The conditioner is THC Free which makes it a non-psychoactive mixture of the cannabis plant that naturally integrates with the body’s endocannabinoid system to help decrease normal dry hair circumstances.

Adding Hempseed oil to all of Emerald Jane Organics products is the best and most natural way to get the most out of the plant. Hempseed oil is rich in essential fatty acids to provide hair with key nutrients that help give hair a shinier appearance.

The best type of conditioners for your hair type –
Fine Hair – lacking luster? Emerald Jane Organics CBD Hair Growth conditioner can provide volume. When looking for shine and volume search for words such as “volumizing” conditioner.

Curly Hair – Does your hair suffer from frizz and crazy flyways?

If you aren’t careful your hair can lose its shine and start to look dry. Using Emerald Jane Organics CBD Conditioner can help moisturize your curly hair and tame it while adding shine and zeal. 

Dry Hair

Living in dry windy conditions it can be difficult to maintain soft manageable hair. When the hair is dry it can easily break and cause split ends. Make sure when researching the best conditioners for dry hair you find one that has essential and natural oils. Emerald Jane Organics uses hempseed oil as a natural oil for all hair types, especially dry hair.

Color Treated Hair

Those who color their hair regularly have tendency to have dry hair. If you dye or highlight your hair you will want to choose a conditioner that naturally moisturizes as your condition. Again, using hempseed oil as the natural oil for this product you will notice hair that is soft and manageable, even if your hair is color treated.


Using Emerald Jane Organic CBD Growth conditioner has specific instructions for using the product. It is advised that you condition the hair after using Emerald Jane Organics CBD Hair Growth shampoo. Leave the conditioner on the damp hair for 2-3 minutes. You will notice a slight tingling. This is due to the essential oils. This means the conditioner is working.

Water Temperature

Make sure when using Emerald Jane Organics shampoo and conditioner that you are using the right water temperature. Using hot water can damage hair and irritate the scalp. Use lukewarm or cool water when using this regimen. 


Stress and diet can play a factor in losing hair. Try an Emerald Jane Organic tincture to help with the symptoms of anxiety and stress. Also, use a tincture to balance your system and put the body back into homeostasis. It is vital that you pay attention to your diet and make sure you are getting multivitamins and the proper amount of protein daily to work along with the Shampoo and Conditioner. 

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