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CBD Facial Mist

CBD Amarillo
Emerald Jane Organics

CBD Facial Mist | CDB Amarillo | Emerald Jane Organics

Emerald Jane Organics has decided to get into the skincare game.

CBD oil and mists are being marketed in skincare products to help with anything from acne to wrinkles. Emerald Jane Organics CBD facial mist can be used for many numbers of things, but dry skin, after workout tightness, sunburn and windburns can benefit from this all-natural organic mist.

The mist contains essential oils, aloe Vera, witch hazel and distilled water. It also has small amounts of rose water to help with hydration.
CBD, also known as cannabidiol is the non-toxic component of marijuana or hemp plants. CBD is extracted through CO2 and is typically mixed with a carrier oil. Emerald Jane Organics uses hemp seed oil as a carrier oil which will enhance application and effectiveness, hence the name CBD Oil. 

CBD oil in skin will not get you high because it does not have the mind-altering properties of marijuana’s tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). All of Emerald Jane Organics tinctures are THC free. The CBD Mist has 500mg tincture with other organic mixtures to provide the most refreshing blast of hydration. 

It is also important to know that CBD, the FDA-Regulated name that should be on the ingredient label is cannabidiol. All other alternative names on the ingredient labels, such as CBD-enrich hemp seed oil may or may not mean the product actually contains CBD. Our CBD Mist contains CBD.

CBD mist is also good for Acne-Prone Skin.

Research shows that CBD can help with inflammation. Although multiple factors trigger acne, we do know that anything ingested or applied for inflammation can help with outbreaks. Anti-inflammatory benefits, when applied to the skin, can help with soreness and redness and it can also help make skin look younger and feel better.
CBD oil for Wrinkles and Anti-Aging – Because CBD comes from a plant, it is not surprising that CBD oil has antioxidant properties. Topicals, mists, and oils can help diminish issues like wrinkles, skin dullness and ruddy skin tone.

CBD Mist for sensitive skin 

Another benefit to Emerald Jane Organics CBD Mist is hydration for sensitive skin. Since all of our products are organic the natural ingredients in the CBD mist can be beneficial to those with sensitive skin including soothing.    

If you live in a dry, windy or hot environment Emerald Jane Organics CBD Mist can help with many issues including dry skin after workouts, sunburned face, a windburned face from living in Amarillo or going skiing. 

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