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Emerald Jane Organics sells some of the best Cannabidiol on the market. the Health Benefits of CBD have been proven in many scientific studies over the years.

Our brain and stomach communicate with one another through the nervous system but also through the endocannabinoid system. Adding Cannabis and Hemp, the best holistic wellness option, has allowed this discovery to be important in our wellbeing.

CBD oils are oils that contain numerous concentrations of one of the many compounds found in cannabis plant called the cannabinoids. The uses of these oils may differ. CBD oil supplements also help in detoxification.

The short answer to the question is CBD safe for children is, yes.
First thing parents should understand is that CBD and pot are not the same thing. CBD and THC are not the same thing either. There are two compounds in marijuana. They are THC and CBD. 

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Emerald Jane Organics has multiple returning customers who use our all organic and safe CBD products for pain and inflammation. We have received many comments regarding how pain has subsided and now insomnia is almost non-existent. EJO uses the safest extraction method for humans and pets - CO2. 

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Emerald Jane Organics is not only pure and organic it is the safest. We use CO2 extraction method and Hempseed oil as the carrier oil. Both of these are important when discussing human ingestion. Hempseed oil comes from the plant and is the best for money's worth and safety.   


New Emerald prides itselfe on being in compliance will all local, state and federal regulations. We work very closely with law enforcement to make sure not only are our products safe, but they are legal in all 50 states.



New Emerald encourages all travelers to leave their CBD at home. Not because what we sell is illegal, but because the TSA does not ask questions, they simply throw the product away. To save yourself hassle and money while traveling, leave your products at home. 



CBD oil is great for inflammation. Although EJO agrees that the oil does not work for everyone we highly encourage everyone to try it. If you get a pure product with only hemp seed oil and cannabis then the oil is less likely to hurt you and more likely to help. It's worth a try.


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Did you know that CBD stores are required to provide each customer with Certificate of Analysis? Emerald Jane Organics has COA paperwork from 3rd party lab testers that show exactly what our CBD has listed as ingredients. Make sure you ask for the COA's when purchasing your CBD. You need to make sure the oil is pure, organic and does not have a lead.


Emerald Jane Organics has different types of tinctures available. Our catalog has 500mg and 1000 mg available. They come in THC Free and Full Spectrum. Be mindful of products that have flavors added. This not only dilutes the product but if it is not an essential oil it can actually be harmful if taken daily. 

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CBD is in high demand and is legal in all 50 states. It is reported that only 8% of Americans have tried CBD. CBD is not illegal and is far better than Opioids and pharmaceutical medications. It is the advice of EJO to speak with your physician about using CBD with your medications and then work with your physician about getting off medications and trying a holistic approach to medicine.

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As a society we tend to take antibiotics more than we should. How will be beat these viruses and infections if we continue to take antibiotics at an alarming rate. New Emerald sells an organic homemade Elderberry Syrup with CBD in it that is great for boosting the immune system and preventing allergies, common cold and flu symptoms.