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Is CBD Safe for Children?

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Is CBD Safe for Children? | New Emerald

*Please consult your pediatrician prior to giving children CBD.

What Parents Need to Know.
The short answer to the question is CBD safe for children is, yes.
First thing parents should understand is that CBD and pot are not the same thing. CBD and THC are not the same thing either. There are two compounds in marijuana. They are THC and CBD. THC is the psychoactive compound and CBD is not. In other words, THC will get you “high” and could cause paranoia and CBD will not. The CBD oil is used to medically treat children and is legally sold in the United States in all fifty states. All fifty states require that the oil contain less that 0.03% THC per bottle or product. States that have legalized marijuana for recreational and medicinal reasons can have a 19-to-1 ratio of THC and CBD, which is also legal for children in those specific state, with a physician’s approval. 

CBD Oil can change lives. As the owner of New Emerald, we have watched people’s lives change daily. It is incredible to listen to testimony of those who have had medical issues with their children and watch their lives change for the better. Giving a child just a few drops of CBD oil, a day can literally allow children to sleep, have less anxiety, clear up skin issues and help balance the system so food and medications work better.

CBD oil is not covered by insurance so finding an oil that is safe for children and being able to afford it are necessary. Emerald Jane Organics from inception knew how important it was for the oil to be safe. One thing that the government requires is for each product to have Certificate of Analysis (COA). COA reports are third party lab reports that list what is in the product, what is not in the product, if the product is safe, organic and what the levels of THC are. As a parent you need to ask every single company you are researching for their COA reports. One of the leading nationwide companies marketing for children has traces of lead in their products. This is not something you want to give to your child. 

The next thing parents should look for is extraction methods.

The safest form of extraction for humans and pets is the CO2 extraction method. The oil is extracted using C02 and this prevents herbicides, pesticides, mildews, molds and lead from getting into the oil. There are many forms of extraction methods but please choose and oil that is the safest for your child.

Carrier oils are always a hot topic when it comes to CBD oil.

CBD oil is not the same as essential oils. When discussing carrier oils throw out everything you know about carrier oils and essential oils. CBD works very well with hempseed oil. Hempseed oil comes from hemp. Which is the same plant that CBD, marijuana and cannabis are all derived from. So, it only makes sense that you would want to use a carrier oil that not only works well with the CBD but makes the CBD stronger and more potent. Other companies use carrier oils like MCT, grapeseed, olive oil and coconut oil. It is important to note that these oils will not hurt you or your child. However, these carrier oils will dilute the CBD which will require the consumer to take more of the oil to have the same benefits of Emerald Jane Organics. Most children start on Emerald Jane Organics and take three drops in the morning and three drops in the evening. While other brands of oils will require up to 25 drops a day. 

Before purchasing your oil online make sure you ask for COA’s, know their reputation, make sure of the THC levels (especially if you are purchasing from a state that has passed marijuana laws for legality) and ask questions. If the company is reputable, they will answer questions…all of them. Please stay away from Multi-Level-Marketing companies unless you are speaking to the owner. The “affiliates” will not have all the information you require to purchase for your child.

The best way for children to consume the oil is sublingually (held under the tongue). However, other methods of taking the oil have proven productive as well. You can put the drops in the bellybutton, in milk (the oil is fat soluble and will not work in water or tea unless infused) or on food. 

Finally, there have been several medical diagnoses that consumers have stated that CBD has helped their children with. Some of these diagnoses include ADHD, Autism, Seizures, Pain, Anxiety, Bed Wetting, Tantrums, Insomnia and multiple skin issues. New Emerald does not claim that CBD will cure your child, but we do have testimonies of parents who have given them Emerald Jane Organics that swear their child is better with the oil.  

New Emerald hosts seminars twice monthly for the public to learn about CBD and many different topics. Because the owner, Lindsay, started this company for her adopted children she understands the importance of research, speaking to physicians, and making sure families and children are safe. 

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