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Lice Prevention Spray

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Lice Prevention Spray  | CBD Amarillo | Emerald Jane Organics

Lice Prevention Spray

Head lice prevention is essential, because if you manage to avoid that your kids catch these parasites, this will be better for everyone in the family. It will also save you time, stress, and money.

Each year children attend school and receive notes from the school nurse that there has been a lice outbreak in their classroom. Fear no more! CBD oil and essential oil infused lice spray can prevent children from ever getting lice. The combination of essential oils and CBD oils creates a fragrance that the pesky lice do not want any part of. Each bottle contains distilled water and a combination of peppermint oil, tea tree oil, and CBD oil to make for the perfect recipe of bug blockers.

Essential oils are key in preventing lice when trying to do it organically. There are many brands of chemical filled prevention methods available at your local pharmacy but to ensure your child (or yourself) do not have a reaction on the scalp to those chemicals use essential oils. Emerald Jane uses the best essential oils in our Lice Prevention Spray. Coconut, tea tree oil, lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon grass, and peppermint are scents popularly believed to repel lice.

Now you will want to use this on a regular basis and spray your children’s hair after washing. If you know of a case of a friend, family member, or classmate who had lice, be sure to get this out and spray everyone’s hair daily to avoid an infestation!

You can also spray this on combs, brushes, and any other hair styling tool that you use around the house or share with one another. And if you know there are cases going around at school, be sure to spray coats, hoodies, and even backpacks!

Everyone’s skin responds a bit differently to essential oils as well, so you may need to change the concentration of oils if this dries out your scalp too much. If that is the case, I’d cut down the amount of tea tree and peppermint in half. The lavender shouldn’t dry your scalp since lavender is always soothing to the skin. Get in contact with Emerald Jane Organics if you need to modify your purchased Lice Prevention Spray. 

If you or your child has lice, you may be tempted to go on a whirlwind cleaning spree around the house, but you can rest assured that a full house decontamination often isn’t necessary with lice.

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